“The New Life Doll Project” chronicles a series of work by the same name, created by artist Holly M. Graham. The intent of Graham’s “New Life Doll Project” is to rework second-hand dolls to promote natural beauty, modesty with style, and to champion women in need of a fresh start. Inside you will find two or more before-and-after photographs of each of the fifty dolls in the collection along with Graham’s essay on her project’s mission and her encouraging message to the reader. Above all Graham’s goal with this book is for the reader to walk away with a feeling of worth, acceptance, and love.

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“Amelia is a little lady with big worries and anxious thoughts. Tulip is a little bunny stuffed full of gratitude and big joy. Can Amelia learn something from Tulip to help her view the world differently?” This touching book is intended to give hope to little ones and adults whose worries weigh them down.

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This colorful, upbeat book has a simple but important lesson: you are special and important! No matter how you are made, what you look like, or what stage of life you are in, whatever makes you “you” is what makes you so wonderful! “Wonderfully Made” is an excellent book for people of every age to remind them, or tell them for the very first time, that they are of great value!

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“Henry is like any other boy you know. Except, Henry is drifting. He has been, ever since he lost something he cares a lot about.” Join Henry in this heartwarming tale of love and loss, as he discovers that sometimes the thing we long for most is closer than we think. Daniel and Holly prepared this book for readers of all ages who are having a difficult time processing the loss of a loved one.

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