I remake second-hand dolls and reimagine second-hand clothes, to show that often what we have learned from society is the opposite of what we were designed for.

The first intent of the New Life Doll Project is to show people the value and validity of dressing modestly, and to confront the public with the inherent beauty each of us possesses behind layers of makeup. We do not need to reveal our bodies or mask our faces with an ideal to be seen as worthy, complete, or beautiful.

The second goal is to honor and celebrate the differences we each bear. Whether it is cultural differences, differences in stature, disabilities, etc. What makes us human beings unique is the fact that we are unique. My desire is to exhibit how these differences are not accidental but a purposeful act to make us, as a people, more fascinating. I would love to encourage a drastic embracing of these traits.

The third purpose is to join women who feel they are to deep in mistakes to ever be seen as worthy of love or success. I would like to impress upon this group that it is never too late to turn a new leaf. It is never too late to be made new. You are not alone. Help is always waiting. A shining tomorrow is within your grasp.

All in all I want to express a sense of liberation that comes when we feel comfortable to be truly ourselves, to lay down our past or present burdens or mistakes, and allow ourselves to look at the future with new, fresh eyes.

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**Now available on Amazon is a catalogue of the first fifty dolls of the New Life Doll Project, alongside an essay regarding the mission and my personal experience with the project.**

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