*This piece was made for Wintersong 2018, the theme of which was “Rest”.

When Elijah delivered the Lord’s message of drought to King Ahab, and his life was in grave danger, God gave Elijah his own message. It was oneof provision, that would require great faith: “Leave here, turn eastward and hide in the Kerith Ravine, east of the Jordan.You will drink from the brook, and I have directed the ravens to supply you with food there” (1 Kings 17: 2- 4).

Kerith which comes from the Hebrew word “cherith,” means “cutting”. It is no haphazard place for God to send Elijah. He wanted him cut off from society, from danger, from his fears, and to be totally dependent and focused on God. God would meet him there in the ravine, provide for him, keep him safe, keep him healthy, love him. All Elijah had to do was rest.

God has been teaching me in the last couple of years that this replenishing “Kerith Ravine” is a great gift He offers to each of us. One of my personal dangers is striving- striving to provide, striving to be at my best, striving to make my own place in this world, which often leaves me disappointed and exhausted. The Lord frequently reminds me to “cut off”, cherith, and meet him in this “Kerith Ravine”.

He urges me to remember, that it is all a mirage: success, perfection, what I can attain from my own working. He is the one that is the giver of food, the giver of shelter, the giver of sustenance, support, true peace, love, and care. All of that is provided in one breath in “Kerith Ravine” and all I need to do is cut away, cherith, accept the invitation, and rest.

All images © Holly M. Graham 2018