What: Lines Chisels & Brayers is the functional object side of my artistic practice.

I hope you enjoy all of the handmade things here. I enjoyed making them for you.

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Who/Where: I was originally trained as a printmaker at the University of Florida and then later at The University of Georgia. I was working at a custom frame shop in Washington DC when a woodworker gave me a chance and took me under his wing and into his wood shop. I later ran the shop and served as its custom furniture maker. I am currently living in Kentucky teaching Sculpture and Printmaking at Georgetown College.

Why: When people ask me why I do what I do I get excited to show them pictures of my kids and my amazing wife.  The ability to make things and provide  for my family is nothing but God’s provision and blessing.

When: All the time. If you are ever in the area and want to visit the studio I would love to have you. Just let me know.