Coloring Book

Take notice of what is available in the world to encourage children to greatness, to challenge them. Entertainment is certainly available, some of which instills less than desirable characteristics like vanity or violence. But how many products recognize the infinite amount of intelligence and capability that our children possess?

The intent of this project is to feature children engaged in their passions, like astronomy, gardening, yoga, camping and many others. While children are coloring these pages, they will discover a myriad of things in which they may be interested in investigating and exploring. In turn, it may start a dialogue with a parent that results in the children finding a hobby they truly love that will grow their mind, strengthen their bodies, and/or put them in touch with nature. Let’s encourage them to find and develop activities that will foster an awakened world of intelligent, compassionate, creative kids.

Our Simple Life Illustrated

“Our Simple Life Illustrated” is an intimate series of illustrations that will follow a year in the life of our family and our home.  My hope is you will be engaged, entertained, and warmed by the every day workings within our little home and enjoy following our simple and happy life.  Follow the progress of this project on Instagram under the hashtag #oursimplelifeillustrated.